Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/07/17: Shiny MGM National Harbor, Crabcake Lunch, Zags Defeat the Gaels

1. Ed visited me here in the D. C. metropolitan area a year ago and, in the meantime, the MGM gang built a shiny new casino and hotel complex right here in Prince George's County, MD in the nifty resort/convention hamlet of National Harbor. So, today, instead of starting right off with monuments and memorials in D. C., Ed, Mike, and I took a more leisurely approach and buzzed down to this new joint called MGM National Harbor.  I played a few machines, but mostly I walked around, looking at the new restaurants, going outside to enjoy the view of the Potomac River and seeing the Washington Monument off in the distance, and gawking at the airy atrium in the hotel lobby. I got a ton of steps in!

2. Mike and Ed and I met for lunch in the food court part of the MGM called The District and I tried the crabcakes at a place called Papa's. My lunch was delicious. The crabcakes were crunchy and sweet and the sides of cole slaw and fries tasted really good.

3. Mike and I wanted to watch the Zags play St. Mary's in the WCC tournament final and Ed, Mike, and I agreed that another trip to Maryland Live! was in order. So we headed on up and Mike and I hiked over to the Arundel Mills mall and plopped down at a table at Chevy's, each ordered a house margartia, and watched the Zags dominate the St. Mary's Gaels in the first half. Chevy's closed at 10, so we humped it back over to Maryland Live! and kept an eye on the second half, watched the Zags close out the victory, and, before long, Mike and Ed and I headed back to Greenbelt.

In case you were wondering about the Deke and the dogs, they camped out at the Diazes while Ed and Mike and I set up our headquarters at the Deke's and my apartment home. This arrangement was a win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win for my buddies and me, for the Deke, for the dogs, and for the Diazes. Not bad!

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