Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/06/17: Floppin', Mike and Ed Arrive, The Zags and Santa Clara Memories

1. I had a great time floppin' around in my water aerobics class at the Greenbelt swimming pool. I missed last Monday and will also miss next Monday and found myself enjoying today's session and after class workout even more than usual because I knew it would be a while until I'd be back in the water.

2. Mike and Ed arrived at Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport late this afternoon and will be staying with me until next Tuesday. We kicked off our vacation together by meeting the Deke at Old Line and enjoying some dinner and a few beers and starting to anticipate the fun times the next several days will bring us.

3. The Zags played Santa Clara tonight in the WCC tournament semi-finals and, since I don't have television at home, Mike and I plopped ourselves in front of a television at the Maryland Live! Casino and watched the Zags triumph over the Broncos. Watching Santa Clara transported me back to March of 1970, when Terry Turner and I got to watch the Western Regional semi-finals and finals of the NCAA men's basketball tournament at Hec Edmundson Pavillion on the campus of the Univ. of Washington. That 1970 Santa Clara team popped back into my memory, especially Jolly Spight, future MLB player Bruce Bochte, future NBAer Dennis Awtrey, and Ralph Ogden. Ralph's brother, Bud, remember him? had graduated from Santa Clara the year before. It was fun watching the Zags win. It was extra fun to have the memories of that trip with Terry to Seattle pop back into my mind.

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