Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/12/17: Strolling in the Ice Gale, Oh! My! The Views!, O'Hara's and a Megabus Rescue

1. After a Megabus ride to New York City, where I got some much needed sleep, we braved the icy winds for as long as we could, strolling around Penn Station and up to Times Square.

2.  Soon we took the subway to Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan and wandered around a bit until our mostly outdoor 9/11 walking tour in the biting bitter windy cold.  At the end of our tour, we flew up the elevator in the WTC, where the history of the NYC skyline developed on a video on three sides of the elevator and entered the indoor observatory and marveled at the 360 degree views of NYC and the surrounding area from over 100 stories in the air.  This trip up to the observatory was astonishing and awesome and breathtaking and transporting and and and and.....

3. Before taking the subway back to Penn Station and the Megabus, we stumbled into O'Hara's Restaurant and Pub and I enjoyed a couple of pours of Jameson and a couple bottles of Dirt Wolf 2IPA. I also enjoyed a much needed French dip sandwich. This was one of my best sessions in a bar ever. I sat next to an woman from L. A. named Diana and she and I and Ed and Mike had great conversation. We started to get to know the bar's owner, Paul, and as we were getting ready to leave, he invited us behind the bar for a picture. Like us, Diana was headed uptown, so we all piled into the subway and Ed, Mike, and I got off at Penn Station and Diana would deboard at Times Square.

We almost missed our Megabus, thanks to a screw up on my part, and going to the wrong place to board the bus, but a Megabus driver with an empty bus let us get on his bus, and he drove us, Uber-style, but at no charge, to where we were supposed to be to board the bus to D. C. and at the very last minute/second, we each found a seat and, thank God, made it back to Washington, D. C. after one of the best days any of us could ever remember having had.

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