Saturday, March 25, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/24/17: Trip Preparation, Our Grandkids Loved the Chicken, Quiet/Bliss

1. Aside from Alexandria and Mt. Vernon, the Deke and I have never traveled in Virginia. The Deke has a three day weekend coming up and we have decided to stay in Yorktown so we can visit the American Revolution War Museum and visit the Jamestown Settlement. I managed to do a little preparation for our trip by getting some laundry done.

2. Molly and Hiram are going to take care of Maggie and Charly while we are away and late this afternoon the Deke and I delivered the dogs to their house. I volunteered to cook and deliver some dinner. A week or so ago I had bought one of those packs of 89,000 chicken thighs at Costco and today I thawed eight thighs, fixed a flour mixture of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder. I heated a shallow pool of olive oil in our larger cast iron pan and for a short amount of time fried the chicken really hot on both sides and then turned down the heat and let the pieces continue to cook slowly for forty-five minutes or so, turning them over from time to time. The result?  A FIRST! David and Olivia liked something I cooked! I nearly wept with joy. The adults all loved the chicken, but, wow, I cooked food pleasing to David and Olivia. It was the snow-capped summit of my life in the kitchen.

3.  Most of the time, our dogs are quiet. They spend a lot of time relaxing on the couch and especially enjoy when the Deke is home to sit with them. That said, we never know when something outside or in the building might excite their barking. Tonight, we didn't have to think about that. The dogs were at the Diazes. The silence was blissful. The Deke and I sat in the quiet of our apartment home. About one pour a piece was left in our bottle of Redemption Rye Whiskey and we enjoyed it as we read. I silently looked back over the day's news in Washington, D. C. and at basketball scores. We soon retired to bed, barely a sound anywhere.

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