Thursday, March 30, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/29/17: Talk with Mom, Town Center Market in Riverdale, Strolling at the U of MD

1. I called Mom this morning to report on all the stuff I've been up to over the last month and that my nephrologist was so happy to see my bloodwork looking good. Mom sounded strong and I thought about how much better she is right now than she was back in October when she got that awful infection in her leg.

2. Through Jo and Jim, I found out about the Town Center Market in Riverdale, about 4.5 miles down the road from us. It's a combination Western Union outlet, convenience store, liquor store, bottle shop (a ton of beer and wine), and taproom, offering twenty-two beers. I checked it out today. I scanned the whiskey shelves, gave the beer on the shelves a good look, glanced at the wine, and located the taps. I didn't order any beer in the taproom, but I did buy a four pack of Evolution's Lot 6 Double IPA and a fifth of George Dickel Rye Whiskey. As I purchased my selections, I asked the cashier what time the taproom opened. He told me, "6 a.m." and I suddenly thought how fun it would be if I were still working the graveyard shift, stripping zinc at the Bunker Hill Zinc Plant and, if the Zinc Plant were in Riverdale or Hyattsville, I could drop in here for a Double Duckpin when I got off work. It had a quick dream of Town Center Market being Riverdale's very own Happy Landing, just like in Smelterville, Idaho, which was always open for a few cold ones after the graveyard shift.

3.  After checking out the Town Center Market, I dropped in at the Bagel Place in College Park to satisfy a hankering I had for a toasted sesame bagel with butter. I also decided to take my first ever stroll on the University of Maryland campus and wandered aimlessly for over a half an hour and did not succeed in getting my bearings, but I admired the many columned buildings and the open spaces. I remembered, but didn't long for, the many years when I felt right at home on university or college campuses, felt so much a part of all that happens on a campus. In my retirement, I've either lost or let go of that feeling and it surprised me a bit today that I didn't yearn to once again feel the excitement that animated me for so many years to be teaching, attending lectures and presentations, visiting libraries, and attending conferences.

Other things animate me now -- little trips nearby, hosting friends and family from out of town, being with family and friends in Kellogg and Eugene, discovering new beers and enjoying tried and true ones, exploring the D. C. area, anticipating exploring Baltimore more, finding various places to walk and hike, seeing our children and grandchildren, taking pictures, listening to podcasts, floppin' around in the pool, and enjoying time with the Deke. Retirement opened up a lot of space in my life and I've enjoyed filling it more than I have yearned to have what I once had back again. I yearn for time with my friends in Eugene, but soon I will see many of them again, as well as Kellogg friends at the All-Class Reunion in August.  Details about our trip to Eugene will be forthcoming.

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