Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/13/17: Ahh! Sleeping In, Car Tour of DC, A Deke Reunion and Jameson Caskmates

1. I love spurts of go go go go go activity in my life and I love that Ed, Mike, and I have been squeezing every hour out of our days with trips to the National Mall and Arlington National Cemetery and to Philadelphia and Eastern Maryland and to New York City. I also love to sleep. Ahhhh! I slept in this morning.

2.  Late in the morning, I took Ed and Mike on a tour of DC that did not include the National Mall. We came in on Route 50/New York Ave. and made our way to Massachusetts Ave and admired many embassies and drove into the Kalorama neighborhood where the Obamas, the Kushners, and others have bought expensive, plush homes. We didn't see the Obama house and I didn't know the Kushners' address, but we went up and down some of the narrow streets of wealth, gawking at handsome old homes.   We drove through Rock Creek Park and made our way over to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where Pope Francis celebrated Mass in 2015.  I wanted my friends to see the fairly ordinary Brookland neighborhood, in contrast to Kalorama, where I like to hang out and walk around. Then we stopped in at Franklins for a drink and a bite to eat and a visit to the Franklin General Store and drove on Rt. 1 through the campus of the University of Maryland.

3. We met the Deke at Old Line. I was eager to hear how her trip to New York to see Adrienne, Jack, and Sally went and was ecstatic that she loved seeing the musical Beautiful on Saturday at the Steven Sondheim theater. On the way out the door at Old Line, I bought a bottle of Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey so I could find out what happens when Irish whiskey is aged in stout-seasoned oak barrels. I poured myself a small drink, neat, and enjoyed it. It brought a relaxing end to great day of seeing some of DC not navigated by our Big Bus tours and some of the places in DC that I enjoy visiting on my own.

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