Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/14/17: Sleeping In Again, Silver Diner, Wrapping Up the Trip

1. Ahhh! Another sleep in! Ed and Mike got their belongings gathered and we sat around and yakked, relieved that we were on the very edge of the big storm that hit the Northeast. Yes, school was cancelled for the Deke, but we could tell that we would have no problem getting out to the airport and we knew throughout the day that Mike and Ed's flight to Seattle was not in danger of being cancelled.

2. Late in the morning, Ed, Mike, and I descended upon the Silver Diner at Greenbelt Plaza for a bracing breakfast, guaranteeing that Mike and Ed would be well fed for their flight out west.

3. Indeed, as anticipated, we had no problems getting out to Baltimore Washington International Airport. I dropped off Mike and Ed and then I returned the Cambry to Enterprise and an employee gave me a ride home. I experienced the relief I always experience when I return a rental car and nothing has happened. Once home, I relaxed with a little whiskey and went to work catching up on writing all the Three Beautiful Things I hadn't written while hosting my lifelong friends and enjoyed remembering all the fun we had over the last nine days, seeing the sights, meeting friendly and good people, and enjoying one another's company and long friendship.  We are very fortunate indeed.

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