Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 02/28/17: Good News from the Lab, New Friends at Old Line, Cheese Session

1.  I thought the results of Monday's lab work would pop into my inbox on Wednesday or Thursday, but I checked my email after taking the Deke to work this morning and there was a notice that the results were in.

I breathed deeply and slowly and opened up my online medical chart.

Every last number told me good news.

My abnormal kidney function remained stable over the last six months -- in fact, it improved a tiny bit. Stability is always what the doctors and I want to see. I've been monitoring this kidney disease now for twelve years and the overall stability of my remaining kidney function has been remarkable.

All my other numbers were slightly better and every measure, from potassium to cholesterol to acid levels in my blood etc. etc., that doesn't have to do directly with my kidneys, was within range.

I was so happy and so relieved that I took a nap.

2.  Buoyed by the good blood work news, the Deke and I celebrated at Old Line. We had a few beers and shared a plate of Mardi Gras fried oysters and fries. We met two people our age and a younger friend of theirs. We had a lot of fun yakking and might meet up with them again one of these Fridays at Franklin's in Hyattsville where they sit at the bar every week.

3.  Back home, the Deke and I enjoyed small pieces of gouda cheese that had been aged for eighteen months and some slightly creamy white cheese from Italy. We've decided to regularly purchase small chunks of slightly expensive cheese and try them out. Both of us enjoyed these cheeses a lot and we have a little more left over for another cheese eating session.

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