Monday, March 27, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/26/17: Jamestown Settlement, Brewery Visits, Birthday Dinner at Fat Tuna

1. We hung around our room for the morning so the Deke could make more progress on getting grades completed. Soon, we piled into the Sube and buzzed north and east to the James River to visit the Jamestown Settlement and to learn more about the economic hopes and physical and mental tribulations of this project, the delicate relations with the Powhatan tribe, and the introduction of slaves. We walked the grounds of the recreation of the settlement, visited the Powhatan Indian village, and gazed upon the recreation of the ships built to transport people and supplies to and from Jamestown.

2. Museum fatigue started to creep in on the Deke and me, so we decided to check out Aleswerk, a brewery in Williamsburg we knew nothing about. The tasting room was quiet. Most people were seated outdoors listening to a duo playing string music and a guy singing. We ordered a flight and loved Aleswerk's beer and had a great chat with the guy who served us. Just down the street we had seen The Brass Cannon brewery and so we stopped in to sample some of their beer and agreed that while the beer was fine, we'd probably not return if we were in the area again.

3. The best of times lay ahead of us. In order to redeem the birthday money Mom had given us back in December with the expressed purpose of treating ourselves to a nice dinner, I had reserved us a table at Fat Tuna Grill and Oyster Bar in Williamsburg. Lord! What a superb choice! We got seated and our very capable and friendly server went over the oyster menu with us and we ordered a dozen oysters, four each of three different types, and a shot of Knob Creek Whiskey. The oysters were superb and so we ordered six more and a plate of superb calamari. It was becoming clear that neither of us wanted to order a dinner, but we thought we'd top off the night with a half a pound of unpeeled shrimp and they were the freshest, sweetest, most delicious shrimp we had ever eaten. We both loved our birthday dinner and the combination of whiskey and seafood and were very grateful to Mom for giving us such a thoughtful and tasty gift.

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