Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/10/17: Touring Philadelphia, Liberty and Cheesesteaks and Whisky, Returning Home

1. Ed, Mike, and I piled onto the Megabus at 6:30 a.m. and rode to Philadelphia and then piled onto a Big Bus Tour bus and rode the 90 minute route in a driving snow storm without hopping off.  I want to return to Philadelphia and make my way to see the post-impressionist paintings at the Barnes Foundation and the art at the nearby Rodin Museum and I'd like to venture up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I would love to see this part of Philadelphia when the wind and snow aren't blowing and when the trees have leaves and I could enjoy a walk in the green areas and enjoy looking at the Schuylkill River.

2. I don't remember the order, but after deboarding the bus, we had lunch at Grand Olde Cheesesteak in the Bourse Food Court. I had a Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich with a side of cheese fries and enjoyed my lunch a lot.  Even more, I enjoyed the young man working the counter. His family owns Grand Olde Cheesesteak -- they've run it for 35 years, and he was just a great guy to talk to. It looks like the Grand Olde Cheesesteak is going to close soon and he told me what he hopes to do afterward. It had to do with technological things that are over my head, but I will always hope he succeeds.  We also visited the Liberty Bell Park and Independence Hall and then we sat down at the bar at the Red Owl Tavern and I enjoyed, no, I profoundly enjoyed a pour of George Dickel Rye Whisky, neat.

3.  We decided to see what Philadelphia's Sugar House Casino was like. I played a little bit and retired to a table at the Refinery Bar in the casino where I charged my phone and slowly sipped away on the House Ale brewed by the Yards Brewery in Philadelphia. Before long, Ed, Mike, and I were back on the Megabus, flush with excitement about our Philadelphia day trip. We had a very interesting visit with a friendly and talkative woman who has worked at the Pentagon and now works for the Department of the Navy and we learned a lot of great stuff about her work, D. C., and her life living in Wisconsin, D.C., Virginia, and Philadelphia. She was taking a test in morning in the D.C. area for becoming certified as a project manager and I wish I had a way of finding out if she passed. I fervently hope she did.

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