Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/28/17: Driving Eastern Virginia and Maryland, Evolution Lunch, Ana Loves Books

1. The Deke and I situated ourselves in the Sube and headed south toward Norfolk and Virginia Beach and turned northward on U.S. 13. We crossed the twenty-three mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and journeyed through Virginia's Eastern Shore region on into Maryland before making a stop at the Evolution Brewery's Public House in Salisbury, MD. The drive through Virginia and Maryland excited our imaginations for future trips out that way. We stopped at a rest area in Maryland where the Deke picked up a bag brimming with brochures and maps with information about places to visit in the entire state of Maryland.

2. Our lunch at Evolution deeply satisfied both of us. I enjoyed steamed clams served in a buttery onion,  white wine, and garlic broth and the Deke loved her kale and quinoa salad. We both nearly gasped with pleasure as we each drank a glass of Evolution's Lot 6, their superb Double IPA.

3. We drove straight to the Diazes to pick up the dogs. As much as I loved driving from Yorktown/Newport News to Silver Spring, still, it wore me out, and while the others talked about our trip and looked at maps and brochures the Deke brought in, I retired, alone, into the television room to rest where it was quiet. Ana found me. She brought a book for us to read. Then another. And a third. She identified more animals than I had ever heard her be able to before, some by saying their names, others by sound. It was really fun.

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