Friday, July 4, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/03/14: Straight to Salt, Leftovers and Greens, Castle

1.  Yokes didn't best me today.  I walked straight to the ice cream rock salt.  No labyrinth.

2.  The turkey casserole, leftover linguine, ground beef skillet dinner, mixed vegetables and French fries from Longhorn BBQ -- we pulled them all out of the fridge and they went great with the beet greens, kale, chard and baby yukon potatoes the Deke fixed.  The mess of  greens and potatoes, prepared the way the Deke learned in her youth, allowed me to feel like I was eating dinner in southern Indiana, without the humidity.

3.  I'm almost always late to the party, so Nathan Fillion did not come to my attention until I saw him in the role of Dogberry last summer in Joss Whedon's brilliant Much Ado About Nothing.  Now,  I watch him here at Mom's every once in a while on his television show, Castle, and it's fun.  Someday, I'll watch that DVD set of Firefly I possess.  Firefly lovers tell me he's really good in it.

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