Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/14/14: Mythic Sports Places, Where's Noah?, Arrival

1.  As a sports fan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are mythic places to me and as we drove from Long Beach, IN to Groveton (Alexandria), VA today, I had memories and associations pop in my head as we passed signs for Valparaiso, South Bend, Akron, Toledo, Cleveland, Beaver Falls, Pittsburgh, and, to top off the day, visited the Oakmont Travel Plaza and saw signs for the upcoming 2016 men's U. S. Open golf tournament.  At OAKMONT.....for many many years, it's lived as a heaven in my mind, not a town with a travel plaza.

2.  Thank goodness for the rest area soon after going over the summit of Braddock Mountain in Maryland.  A downpour right out of the Torah deluged us and I couldn't see and the rest area gave us a place to let the rain settle down and get back on the road again.

3.  We arrived at Molly and Hiram's in Groveton, VA after just over twelve hours of driving and Hiram served us chicken red curry with white rice and assorted steamed vegetables. 

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