Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/09/14: Errands, Sam's for Dinner, Great Discussion

Today was the last day in Kellogg for the Deke and me.  Tomorrow, July 10, we will set out to cross the country with a weekend stop at the Deke's brother's lake place on Lake Michigan and then on to Virginia.  Today's Three Beautiful Things occurred in Kellogg.  After today, my posts might be sporadic, but they might not be, and they'll come from more and more easterly places.

1.  I ran a few errands for Mom:  paid bills at Ace and the water company, dropped off paper bags at Cattails, recycled stuff, made a contribution to the ReUse Center, and did some watering of plants.  I doubt I did everything Mom wanted and needed done while I was here, but we made some progress and I know Mom is very happy with how her yard looks for the time being.

2.  The Deke, Mom, and I went to Sam's for dinner and I got to talk to Darrell Knoll, Lois Dahlberg, and Roger Grosvenor as well as enjoy a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi.  It was a fun dinner.

3.  Carol and Paul came over and we had really fun discussions about labyrinths and mandalas in anticipation of Carol's trip to Montana tomorrow to visit the Redsun Labyrinth near Victor and then we got into discussing Shakespeare and film and To Kill a Mockingbird and all kinds of fun stuff that I might have gotten too excited about.  My excited voice got pretty loud, as usual.

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