Sunday, July 13, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/12/14: Kickin It, Back with the Q, Another Saturday Night

1.  I didn't drive the Subaru today.  Instead, I relaxed with the Deke, her brother, Brian, and Brian's daughters, Allie and Danielle, perched above Lake Michigan, thick foliage obscuring the lake, sitting in the screened in porch, gabbing and taking it easy.

2.  For a few months, back in the days when I lived in Eugene, I couldn't find the battery charger for my Pentax Q and I found it as we were packing up the house in a bag of things to go to Goodwill.  (Good catch.)  Today, I spent some good time snapping pictures with the Q, getting more familiar with it again, and, to be honest, getting myself more in the mindset for taking pictures.  I'm rusty.  When it comes to taking pictures, nothing comes automatically to me and I am enjoying getting myself back into the groove as best as I can.

3.  While it was really fun for the Deke, Danielle, Allie, and I to pack into Brian's Beamer and head to Sawyer, MI for dinner at the Greenbush Brewery and while I enjoyed a pint of Starchicken Shotgun IPA and a pint of Traktor Golden Cream Ale, nice compliments to Joique Wings (jerk rub..smoked) and a Pulled-Chicken sandwich, the real fun was driving home and participating in a spontaneous sing along with Cat Stevens performing "Another Saturday Night". 

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