Saturday, July 5, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/04/14: Judge Judy at Worley, Cookout at Carol's, Dogs Survive the Din

1.  Ed and I drove down to the Cd'A Casino and played for a few hours.  My best spin was on the Bejeweled machine and I had fun going down the rabbit hole of the surreal playing the Judge Judy machine. 

2.  It was a fun Fourth of July + Carol's birthday(week) party at Carol and Paul's this evening.  Paul did an exceptional job grilling a Super 1 salmon, potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  I didn't realize that one of Mom and Dad's longtime friends, Jim Vergobbi, would be there and his presence brought back a flood of memories, mostly from when he umpired slow pitch softball in Kellogg. . . Carol is best friends with Jim's daughter April, and I enjoyed meeting her husband and sons.   The height of the cook out might have come with dessert:  Zoe and Cosette baked peach pies and Mom brought homemade vanilla ice cream.  Mom "made a BIG mistake" and put too much whipping cream and sugar in the ice cream.  It was a most fortunate and tasty error.

3.  The Deke and I left the cook out early to come back to Mom's house to keep Charly and Maggie company for the two hours or so that the little town of Kellogg sounded like 1993 Sarajevo with thunderous blasts of skyrockets and other bombs bursting in air.  After about an hour of anxious dashing about in the backyard, even as the air blasts continued, the dogs seemed to reach a point of exhaustion and settled down.  The took comfort in having Mom, the Deke, and me nearby and they survived Independence Day.  I dread this day more than any other, especially as darkness sets in and the din begins. 

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