Monday, July 28, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/27/14: Love and Quiet, My First Yuengling Lager, Everyday Junglist Pale Ale

1.  Yes, there's is nothing wrong with deeply loving grandchildren and being grateful in their absence for the quiet and calm that has settled into Molly and Hiram's home since the family left for a visit in Miami.

2.  The Deke and I went out by ourselves for beers this afternoon for the first time since we left Eugene on June 19th.  For me, it was an historic visit to Shooter McGee's on Duke Street:  I drank my first pint of  Pottsville, Pennsylvania's own Yuengling Lager, made by the oldest brewery in the USA.  Our server, Rob, delivered the Yuengling to the table in a chilled glass, perfect for a lager, and the beer was perfectly satisfying.  I'll definitely drink it again.

3.  The Deke and I made our way over to T. J. Stone's and there, too, I experienced another historic beer moment!  My reading about beer in the D. C. area acquainted me with DC Brau, a D.C. brewery, and I drank my first DC Brau beer this evening:  the Everyday Junglist Pale Ale.  The brewery's description of the beer says I should have tasted "juicy notes of ruby red grapefruit and plump Clementine oranges", but I didn't quite get that far in thinking about what I was drinking.  I just thought it tasted really good.  

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