Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/29/14: Learning More About D.C., No Shopping Dinner, Branagh and Bergman

1.  I decided not to go into Washington, D. C. today and, instead, did more reading about D.C. breweries and taplists to better prepare for future visits.

2.  The Deke, in a sense, started work today.  She attended the first of a three day workshop on immersion instruction.  I wanted to have dinner ready for her when she arrived home and decided I would make due with whatever was available here at home:  ground beef, onions, potatoes, bacon, all fried, topped with slices of tomato and grated cheese.  It worked.

3.  We watched another Wallander episode and it moved even more deeply into detective Kurt Wallander's existential struggles.  In fact, there were moments when I thought I was watching an Igmar Bergman movie, not a television detective series, as the weight of fatigue and the pain of  existing burden Kurt Wallander and move him to ponder the absurdity of his life and work and question the meaning of his existence.

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