Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/18/14: Making Mistakes, SmarTripping, My Corona

1.  I went on a drive today in the vicinity of Groveton and other sections of Alexandria.  I wanted to make my directional mistakes now when I wasn't under the gun to get somewhere or get anything done.  Sure enough, right off the bat, I mistook north for south on the Richmond Highway.  It actually was a helpful mistake.  I got myself turned around, though, and found the motel where the Deke and I will stay Saturday and Sunday nights during the weekend of Olivia's EPIC 5th birthday party.

2.  It was good to visit the Huntington Metro Station, load some money on my SmarTrip card.  I'm ready for my Saturday trip into D.C. to see Henry IV, Part 2.  

3.  Last weekend, in discussing beer with Brian and Allie, they both dissed Corona in no uncertain terms, as I've heard others in similar conversations do.  It made me thirsty for a Corona.  I enjoy Corona.  So, at the end of my driving around today, I dropped it at Shoppers and bought a six pack and a lime and came back to the townhouse, a little hot, wanting some relaxation, and thoroughly enjoyed two bottles of Corona.  Sometimes it just hits the spot. 

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