Sunday, July 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/05/14: Fertilizing Fiasco, Sweet and Sour, Paint Chips

1.  I'm at my worst, without question, when I'm doing something and I don't really know what I'm doing.  I was happy to fill up a Miracle-Gro thing with Miracle-Gro plant food and screw the thing to the hose attachment and attach the attachment to the hose and fertilize Mom's flowers, produce plants, and grass, but I didn't really understand how to tell when I'd used up the plant food or how long to keep the fertilizer solution spraying on the plants.  So I sprayed the plants and grass in the backyard and some of the front, afraid that I was wasting plant food, but Mom told me that to do her front and back yards would take five packets and I'd only used one.  I was hot from the relentless sun exposure, but I kept my cool and took a rest and went back to it and divided four packs of plant food between the front and back, redoing the places I'd already done and giving the new places a longer drink of fertilizer.  I'm good with miracles.  I think they happen.  I am thinking it will be truly a miracle if my lousy Miracle-Gro fertilizing ends up helping Mom's lawn and plants gro(w) better.  Sigh.

2.  Mom fixed a nice throwback dinner:  sweet and sour boneless pork ribs with egg noodles, salad, and beets.  It not only felt good to be served such a good meal, but after my fertilizing fiasco, it was relaxing and refreshing to feel the increasing coolness of the Kellogg evening take over Mom's deck.

3.  HNL showed about 150 straight episodes of Forensic Files tonight and I watched about five or so of them and even though I knew that forensic science was going to win every half an hour and the criminal would be caught, I marveled at how a chip of paint or foam around a victim's mouth or the downloading and deleting of a Guns n' Roses song provided the information detectives needed to nail the perp. 

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