Friday, July 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/17/14: The Deke Goes to School, Sean Loved/Loves Shakespeare, Perfect Corn Salad

1.  The Deke visited the school she'll be teaching at in Greenbelt, MD.  I asked her how things went and she said, "Awesome."  I beamed.  We might be leaning toward living in Greenbelt, an idea I like a lot so that we live closer to the Deke's work.  We'll see what transpires next week (and beyond....). (By the way, I learned today that the American Film Institute Cultural Center is in Silver Springs, MD with a Metro stop two blocks away.  I wish I'd had my act together better today.  Today was the last day of a 40th anniversary showing of Chinatown.  I would have loved to have seen it on a movie screen...oh well....)

2.  I called the Oregon Community Credit Union today and Sean helped me and after about 30 seconds he told me he took my Shakespeare course "back in the day" and that he loved the course (especially King Lear) and that he still had his creative project from the course and was keeping it to show his son when he got older.  I last taught Shakespeare in spring term, 2007 and last taught it regularly at LCC in spring of 2002, after starting in fall, 1991.  I don't know when Sean took the course, but am I ever happy that what we did in that course has stuck with him.  When I taught, I didn't care much about meeting course objectives.  I wanted the experience of Shakespeare to be invigorating and worthy of remembering.  This happened for Sean.  

3.  The corn salad Molly made was superb and I amped up its already tangy, spicy delicious-ocity with some cold rice and hot mango sauce.  It's an America's Test Kitchen recipe and Molly brought it fully and joyously alive.

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