Monday, July 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/06/14: Shop-Vac Success, Lightening Mom's Load, City Limits Meal and Ale

1.  I woke up this morning and Mom's yard and garden were still alive.  My clumsy efforts to fertilize didn't kill them.  Therefore, Mom trusted me to take down her two geranium pots hooked above the front porch so she could meticulously deadhead them and she entrusted me with her Shop-Vac and so I vacuumed up the petals, stems, and leaves her surgical efforts left behind.  I succeeded.

2.  Building on the momentum of my Shop-Vac success, I took a bunch of stuff to the Smelterville Fuller Housing ReUse Center.   I was really happy that Mom, after some delay, gave me the green light to help lighten the load of stuff in her basement and garage. 

3.  To celebrate the fertilized yard and garden, the deadheaded geraniums, and stuff taken to Smelterville, Mom, the Deke, and I went out to dinner at the City Limits in Wallace.  City Limits is a brew pub for North Idaho Mountain Brew.  I ordered a Cripple Creek IPA.  I like citrusy IPAs and Cripple Creek satisfied me with its assertive grapefruitiness and its moderate bitterness.  I gotta say, though, it left me feeling like its ABV was more than the 6.7% advertised.  I walked out walking straight and talking well, but, all the same, I felt like I'd quaffed a couple of Imperial or Double IPAs.  It was one of those beers that I enjoyed more and more the deeper I got into each pint.  (My French dip sandwich was excellent, btw.) 

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