Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/07/14: Cutie Patutie, Pictures Up the River, Hike & BONUS: Fish Tacos

1.  I started my day of picture taking up the river with breakfast at the Snake Pit (Enaville Resort) and nearly succeeded in getting Deb, the breakfast server, who called Walter in the other "Cutie Patutie" to call me Cutie Patutie, too, but she didn't follow through.  She asked me if I wanted to be called "Cutie Patutie" and she told me how much she like calling guys that, but then when Deb brought me my coffee warm up and brought me my bill, she never once called me Cutie Patutie.  Sigh. Oh well.....

2.  During my time in Kellogg, I haven't had my cameras out and it was fun taking pictures of the Snake Pit, the North Fork of the Cd'A River, the Settler's Grove, and a moose cow and her calf.  I was rusty, though, and wish I could have this picture taking back again.  I just wasn't thinking right and took many pictures with too slow of a shutter speed, so they were improperly exposed.  Dang!  If you'd like to see the pictures I took, either scroll down from this post, if you are reading my blog right now, or, if you are reading this on Facebook or via email, go to kelloggbloggin.blogspot.com and scroll down.  There are three posts of pictures.  I'll decide later if any of my Settler's Grove pictures are worthy of posting.  I did a lousy job taking pictures there.

3.  Byrdman and Steph have property, an A-Frame and a trailer, etc. up the river near Prichard and I got to visit them today.  Byrdman sat for a while by the river, me chomping on a tasty cinnamon roll and sipping coffee, and then we headed up to the Settler's Grove for a spectacular hike through the cedars on on up the mountain a ways.  We cooled off at the Bedroom Mine Bar in Murray and picked up a pizza to go and returned to the Byrdman river estate to eat the pizza, sit by the river some more, and yak more.  If I'd been at the top of my game with my camera, it would have been a perfect day up the river, but can't have it all.....

BONUS:  WOW!  This was such a great day that it can't be contained by the number "3".  Carol and Paul invited Mom and the Deke and me over for fish tacos and we had a great time sitting in the shade of their tri-color beech tree, gabbing, laughing, and enjoying really good food. 

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