Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/15/14: Weird Al, Being Grandpa, End of the Day Spotted Cow

1.  All that driving, starting on Thursday July 10 in Kellogg, Idaho, left me intoxicated with fatigue and so long stretches of lying down, watching Weird Al Yankovich videos on YouTube, and sleeping on occasion, was luxurious, and most welcome.  About Weird Al: if you were into Dire Straits' hit, "Money for Nothing" AND if the Clampett family regularly visited your living room one night a week, then I think you'll love Weird Al's "Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies".  And, in a Florence Henderson being Michelle Pfeiffer/"Witness"/Coolio sort of way, you might also enjoy "Amish Paradise".  In my fatigue intoxicated state of mind, these and other Weird Al vids were a nourishing source of mirth and lifted my spirits in a way not even Rumi could have done. (Btw, I got a kick out of Weird Al's two latest vids, "Word Crimes" and "Tacky" as well.  I'm not providing links.  If you'd like to see Weird Al vids, enter Weird Al and the vid titles in your preferred search engine.)

2.  The Deke and I moved to Groveton, VA to be close to our grandchildren and we are definitely close to two of them right now!  Olivia straps on her angel wings to complement her lynx shirt and leopard pants and dances and prances around the house while David, sometimes perplexed by his older sister's rambunctious ways, keeps building his vocabulary, repeating what he hears, smiling broadly, pleased with himself as new words and new sentences come rolling out.  Oh! And David is rambunctious, too.  It's perpetual motion around here, and, believe me, it's not Grandpa who's always on the move!

3.  The children went to bed.  I arose from my fatigue stupor.  I thought I was too tired for a beer, but once Hiram declared that he loved the New Glarus Spotted Cow that Brian bought us Only in  Wisconsin, I joined in and quaffed a couple myself and they were perfect:  easy, a little sweet, slightly spicy -- a couple bottles of chilly Farmhouse Ale bliss.  Looks pretty good, huh?

New Glarus Spotted Cow:  Only in Wisconsin!

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