Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/20/14: Rory Wins, Beer at Giant, EPIC Party for Olivia

1.  Oerflow at Molly and Hiram's meant that I spent Saturday night and will spend tonight at the Ft. Belvoir/Mt. Vernon Best Western and that means having a television and I this morning I was up at 6 a.m to take full advantage by watching the coverage of the British Open from start to finish, made even more fun by swapping expert commentary and witty quips with Rick Wainright on Facebook.

2.  Before arriving at Olivia's EPIC birthday party, I stopped in Giant to pick up some Coca-cola and ice and took a few minutes to peruse their beer selection and it's really good.  I look forward to dropping in there from time to time to bring home some brands of beer that are totally new to me.

3.  Olivia's EPIC birthday party was, for the most part, a gathering of euphonium players and their families.  No one broke out a horn.  I enjoyed meeting Hiram and Molly's friends and all the kids (except Joey) who came loved the bounce house.  Olivia enjoyed herself and was very excited by the fine birthday gifts she received.  I wasn't around for the aftermath, but I hope Molly, Hiram, Adrienne, and the Deke felt that all their efforts to put on an EPIC party resulted in a good one.

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