Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/22/14: No GPS, Rare Hair Day, Chefs Hiram and The Deke

1.  I don't use GPS (yet).  I still read maps, write myself out directions on little memo pads I carry.  I don't sweat getting lost and with memory and a developing sense of where I am, work to find my way to where I'm going.  It's inefficient.  But it sticks.  I "wasted" some time today going to a branch of the United States Senate Federal Credit Union to do some banking, but the payoff was pretty good.  I wandered around, learned more about Alexandria, and I (eventually) got to where I wanted to go, both coming and going.

2.  On my GPS-free meandering around Alexandria, just for the hell of it, I drove to Kingstowne Center and discovered a Safeway, which was convenient since we needed some groceries for dinner.  I bought one round of groceries, took them to the car, and realized I didn't buy chicken, my primary reason for going to Safeway in the first place.  When I bought the chicken, something very rare happened.  The cashier was momentarily struck dumb and then she said, "You have such beautiful hair!"  It was my turn to be struck dumb.  I blushed and thanked her.  I didn't know I could enjoy such a compliment so much.

3. The Deke marinated the chicken and  Hiram took over the cooking chores and we had a crazy delicious simple dinner of chicken breast, the tastiest mashed potatoes I've ever eaten, and a green salad.  I could get used to this:  bring home food, it gets cooked, and Hiram, Molly, the Deke, and I enjoy a splendid dinner.  (Olivia and David eat their own things, dictated by their much narrower tastes....)

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