Sunday, July 27, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 07/26/14: Alec Guinness at AFI SIlver Spring, Perfect Timing, Pizza Farewell

1.  I hopped on the Metro Train and made my way to Silver Spring, MD and to the American Film Institute Silver Theater and Cultural Center.  One of their several film series right now is a two month long Alec Guinness retrospective and I reveled in seeing two of his 1951 Ealing Studio masterpieces:  The Man in the White Suit and The Lavender Hill Mob.  The movies were purely delightful.  I ached with pleasure thanks to Alec Guinness' genius, the riotous farcical scenes in each movie, each film's gorgeous black and white cinematography, and the beauty of the movie theaters I saw these shows in.  I have always dreamed of living where I could go to movie retrospectives and series any day of the week and this AFI facility far exceeds my dreams. Right now, six different film series are running concurrently at AFI Silver Springs.   I'll write a full blog post about it later. 

2.  When I get off the train at Huntington Station on the weekends, the bus I take to get back to Molly and Hiram's only runs once an hour and today, for once, the timing of my train arrival and the bus' departure coincided perfectly.  This happens rarely.

3.  Molly, Hiram, the Deke, David, and Olivia and I ate Z Pizza pizzas together before the Diaz family climbed into their family vehicle and headed off for a visit to Hiram's family in Miami that will last about ten days.  The Deke and I are house/dog/cat sitting while they are gone. 

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