Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sibling Assignment #167: In the Good Old Summertime

Christy assigned the three of us siblings to do the following:

Pick a series of photos from your collection that symbolizes summer to you. Write a reflection on the summer photo choices.
You can see Christy's pictures, here, and read her thoughts about and gratitude for the Sibling Outings that Christy, Carol, and I go on.  Carol's summer has been defined by walking at least 10,000 steps a day:  her pictures and thoughts are here.

Every summer as the mildness of spring starts to give way to the heat of summer, I dread summer's arrival. I dread the heat and the harsh light of cloudless days. Here in Maryland, I dread the humidity. I also dread the dry heat of  where I come from, North Idaho -- and I dread the roar of the inevitable wildfires there.

And, yet, over the past few years, it's been in the good old summertime when I've done some of my favorite traveling, some of it with the Deke, some of it alone, and several jaunts with my sisters.

Looking at my pictures, I'm struck by the variety of places I've visited and the contrasts in the images, so I am going to post some pictures that, I hope, express my gratitude for the good fortune I have had to make some trips, to see good friends, spend time with family, and to make the most of the good old summertime.

Some of my travels have been to small towns in North Idaho that are practically deserted.  My sisters and I went on a Sibling Outing back in 2011 to Avery, Idaho and, later that day, drove around Clarkia.

Avery, Idaho

Clarkia, Idaho

In contrast to these rural North Idaho towns, in 2012, I traveled for about eight days in New York City, my first (and so far, only) visit.  I loved the grandeur of New York City and kept trying to take pictures that reflected the deep impression its cityscape made upon me:

Looking Across the East River from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

I also enjoyed taking candid pictures of people in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  This shot comes from Washington Square in Greenwich Village:

The Pigeons of Washington Square
I will wish for the rest of my days that I could return to Nelson, B. C. and stay for several, not a few, days after Christy and Carol and I traveled there in 2013.  While there, we went on a ferry ride across Kootenay Lake and visited Crawford Bay, where I watched this glass blower do her work:

BC Glassblower

Happy to Have Her Picture Taken
Later in that summer of 2013, I made a very short trip from Eugene to Newport, but it was a long trip back in time as my great friends, going all the way back to our days at Whitworth College, Mark and Peter and I got together for a couple of days of stories, laughter, meals, and some serious reflection upon what we've been doing over the last forty years or so.

Mark and Peter at Newport
This summer, I traveled back to Kellogg -- but I don't have any pictures. I'll have to make up for this lapse when I return in November.

But the summer started with some travel with the Deke.  We went out to Battle Ground, Indiana for a family reunion on the Deke's mother's side of the family and to drop in and out of the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering.

Maybe the best part of that trip was Aunt Suzy's and also Lisa's screened in porches.  These are comfortably furnished porches where the air moves through, the bugs stay out, and where people can sit around and yak with each other, knit, make plans, drink, and eat some food:

Lisa's Screened In Porch
So, I guess all my dread about the heat and the glare of summer is sort of foolish, isn't it.....My most recent summers have featured some wonderful travel and, most importantly, time spent with family and great friends.

Still, couldn't it be a little cooler?

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