Monday, August 24, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/23/15: Farmers Market, Visiting DC Brau, Uncle Patrick

1.  Patrick and I took a quick trip down to Greenbelt's Farmers Market and picked up some red potatoes and cherry tomatoes.  Quite a few people were out, enjoying the variety of produce, soaps, volunteer information, and food booths.

2. Early in the afternoon, Patrick and I headed down to Bladensburg Road in NE D. C. and enjoyed a round of samplers at the D C Brau's tasting room. It's a most unimpressive looking place in a small warehouse on a desultory block that houses a beauty supply shop, a plumbing shop, a run down post office, and a Goodyear Service Center, but, I'm telling you, looks aren't everything. I sampled D C Brau's Corruption IPA, Brau Pils, Public Pale Ale, and Penn Quarter Porter and took a sip of Patrick's On the Wings of Armageddon Double IPA and his Stone of Arbroath Scotch Ale and every one of these beers tasted great. We didn't drink any pints -- the samplers were enough --, but we did walk out with a 64 oz growler of the Corruption IPA and a six pack of Penn Quarter Porter to enjoy later at Molly and Hiram's.

3. David and Olivia are nuts about their Uncle Patrick.  They especially enjoyed transforming Patrick into a human jungle gym on the couch. Patrick is great with the kids and they love all the different ways he plays with them and how creative he is.

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