Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/25/15: The List, Old Line Bistro Dinner, From the Boss to Joan Jett

1. I remembered thinking that when I returned from Idaho a month ago, I would, and I quote myself, "Get back into my routine."  I have no idea what that routine is because I'm sure not into any routine as of yet. So, today, I figuratively strapped myself into a chair and made a list of what I need to get done, so that I'm not depending on my scatter-brained memory to remember what to do -- then, I got going on the list by cleaning the bathroom.

2. Patrick, Molly, Ana, the Deke, and I met at the Old Line Bistro for dinner. The Deke and I got seated and the owner came over to ask us how we were and to see if we had been to Old Line before and we told him we had and how much we enjoyed it. Patrick, Molly, and Ana arrived, and our splendid server, Laura, helped us get settled in with the baby. Laura and I had some solid beer talk and I ordered a couple of half pints, the first from Jailbreak in Laurel, a very easy, lightly melon infused blonde ale called Dew Right Honeydew. Second up was a delicious half pint of a small batch, one-off dark beer from Baltimore, a Heavy Seas Desert Island Series Schwartzbier. I ate the best dinner I've ever had at Old Line Bistro:  three lamb sliders with tzatziki sauce, cumcumber, and tomato and a kale and goat cheese salad, sweetened with strawberries and watermelon, made meaty with pecans, and dressed with a bracing balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Patrick and Debbie and the corgis turned in early.  While at Old Line, Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" came over the house music system and so, this being the 40th anniversary of the Born to Run album, I went to YouTube and listened to several songs from a 1975 live concert in London at the Hammersmith Odeon performed passionately by Springsteen and the E Street Band. This inspired me to listen to three or four cuts from one of my favorite bands, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, and, since Southside Johnny and Bon Jovi have done work together, I listened to a couple of Bon Jovi cuts.  I ended the night, for over ninety minutes, with Joan Jett videos -- among the videos I watched were songs from live concerts and studio produced videos of her songs; I watched her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, found a video of her performing a duet with Bruce Springsteen, singing "Light of Day"; I went way back to Joan Jett's days with The Runaways and listened to a sneering version of "Cherry Bomb" performed in Japan; I found her performing on Oprah and on stage in duets with Miley Cyrus; it was fun when she performed "Crimson and Clover" along side Tommy James; and, I dug up a great late 80s segment from The David Letterman Show with Joan Jett performing a NYC version of Jonathan Richman/ and the Modern Lovers' classic, "Roadrunner".

I'm still not sure I've found a routine.

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