Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/12/15: Maggie's Ill, Capturing a Sample, Relief for Maggie

1. Maggie was up at 4:15, restless, insisting every few minutes on going outside to pee, not peeing when we went out and she wanted tons of food, beyond her usual demands. I called the vet and dropped her off and waited until about 4:00 in the afternoon when the vet called with news.

2. Fortunately, the first words out of the vet's mouth were, "Hello, this is Dr. Rosero and Maggie's doing fine." Maggie has no blockage and the vet put her back on the antibiotics she was on until Sunday or Monday from her UTI two weeks ago and he prescribed some medicinal dog food. He was unable to secure a sample from Maggie in order to do a urinalysis, so it's up to me to capture a sample. Once home, Maggie began to pee again and I am hoping to succeed tomorrow morning where my attempts this evening to capture a sample failed. (Allow me to jump ahead to Wednesday morning, Aug. 13 -- I captured a sample. Huge relief.)

3. We have pain medication left over from Maggie's emergency vet visit two weeks ago and I'm giving her some, allowing Maggie to sleep and rest and stop pacing and wanting to work out her stress by eating.

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