Saturday, August 1, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/31/15: "Wonderful Tonight" This Morning, End of a Fortnight Saga, Popcorn Sleepover

1. I'm getting back into the swing of life in our apartment home in Greenbelt. This morning I awoke some time before 7 a.m. and remembered we were out of coffee filters. The Co-op doesn't open until 9 a.m., so I jetted down to Safeway and bought filters and, just to make sure, a bag of ground coffee. My shopping was made all the more pleasant by a Muzak version of Eric Clapton's, "Wonderful Tonight".

2. A couple of weeks ago, I went on the Deke's Amazon account to order Mom covers for her butterfly chairs. I accidentally had them sent to Molly -- at her previous address. Then I reordered them and had them sent to Mom's address. The Deke saw that I made the same order twice and she accidentally canceled the order to be sent to Mom's address. Then I ordered the covers again and had them sent to Mom in Kellogg. For a couple of weeks, the originally ordered butterfly chair covers existed in a USPS limbo, somewhere between Groveton, VA and Silver Spring, MD.

BUT, on Thursday the wandering butterfly chair covers showed up at Molly's new address. There was dancin' in the streets.

Today, I took the butterfly chair covers I mistakenly had sent to Molly's old address to the Post Office to be returned to the merchant, and, with any luck, my erroneous purchase will be refunded.

(Did I mention that when my third attempt to order the butterfly chair covers arrived at Mom's?  I didn't think they fit and I started the process of returning those butterfly chair covers, BUT, at the last minute, I tried one more time to stretch them a bit and then they did fit. When I walked in the house and told Mom the butterfly chair covers fit after all, she flew out of her chair, went out on the back deck, flung her cane as high in the air as the power lines, and broke into a joyous moonwalk.)

I wish I'd had my camera.

3. When Molly gave birth to Ana Maria, friends of hers and Hiram's helped them out with food contributions and tonight we all sat down to a delicious dinner of baked Ziti with sausage sauce. After dinner, the Deke had a heart to heart with Molly about how tired Molly is and how maybe she and Hiram needed a break from having Olivia and David at home and so Olivia and David came over to Nana's and Grandpa's for a sleepover and I got to put my mad popcorn popping skills to work for a fun treat just before the children went to bed.

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