Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/24/15:IKEA Problem Solving, Shopping with Patrick, Exquisite Dinner

1. The Deke wanted to put into action an idea for where her students can put their backpacks, jackets, coats, and other accessories they bring with them to class.  There are no hooks.  There is no coat hall. So, she asked Patrick and me to go to IKEA to buy some shelving with cubby holes.  We were on it and when we arrived at the Deke's school, she asked where the other shelves were.

Oh.  We were supposed to get two?


Patrick went inside with the Deke and the shelving to be the assembly man and I drove back to IKEA and bought another box of shelving.

I interrupted my mission at IKEA by looking at some picture frames and began to imagine how some of my images of Snug might look in some of those frames.

2.  After Patrick got the shelving assembled, we took care of the dogs, and then it was off to Shoppers to buy groceries for the gourmet meatloaf, cream cheese potato, and asparagus dinner Chef Patrick had planned for to fix for Molly, the Deke, him, and me over at Molly's house.

3.  Chef Patrick's dinner was awesome. The meatloaf was solid, not crumbly, and was both savory and slightly sweet and the cream cheese red potatoes and asparagus were perfect side dishes.  Patrick provided us with a perfect family dinner.  Hiram had left with David and Olivia earlier in the day for a fun trip of miniature golf and amusement park rides to Williamsburg, but he'll be able to enjoy the leftovers when he returns.

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