Saturday, August 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/14/15: Good Walk, Picking Up the Deke, Dinner at the Diaz House

1. I enjoyed walking around half of Greenbelt Lake and on over to Roosevelt Center to pick up a refill at the pharmacy and back home again along Crescent Road. With other walking I did during the day running errands and other miscellaneous things, I logged over 10,000 steps -- it's been a while since I walked that many steps in a day.

2. The Deke arrived home at New Carrollton AmTrack station, giving me another reason to drive into previously untraveled territory.  I'd arrived in New Carrollton back in April on the train from Matuchen, N.J., but I came back to our apartment home the bus. Bit by bit, I'm figuring out more and more of all these criss-crossing, curly routes and roads that make up the transportation system of the suburban labyrinth where I live.

3. The Deke is happy to be back home and we did exactly what you'd think we'd do: we went to the Diaz household for dinner, where we found Ana to be healthy, growing, and sleeping deeply for almost the whole time we were there. Molly was relaxed, Hiram was getting ready for a parade at the Marine Barracks, and David and Olivia were both cheerfully playing and popping up from time to time with dispatches about Spiderman and other luminaries in their world of play.

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