Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/09/15: O Taste and See, Laundry Calls, Cider and Salad

1. I worshiped this morning at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. The Psalm appointed for today was Psalm 34 and during the Psalm I was transported back one day to Saturday, my visit to the Atlas Brew Works, and the flight of beers I enjoyed when, with other congregants, we read aloud verse 8:  "O taste and see that the Lord is good."

In addition, Denise Levertov's poem, "O Taste and See" sprang to mind:

The world is
not with us enough
O taste and see

the subway Bible poster said,
meaning The Lord, meaning
if anything all that lives
to the imagination's tongue,

grief, mercy, language,
tangerine, weather, to
breathe them, bite,
savor, chew, swallow, transform

into our flesh our
deaths, crossing the street, plum, quince,
living in the orchard and being

hungry and plucking
the fruit.

2.  I'd planned on taking another jaunt into NE D. C. this afternoon to visit the DC Brau brewery, but I could not in good conscience let my laundry pile up another day.  So I got it done and thought of Richard Wilbur's lines in the poem "Love Calls Us to the Things of This World":

"Oh, let there be nothing on earth but laundry,
Nothing but rosy hands in the rising steam
And clear dances done in the sight of heaven."

3. I did not think of any poems when I drove to the Co-op and picked up some broccoli and tomatoes to add to my pasta salad dressed with both balsamic and rice vinegar as well as olive oil.  The salad is tasty and paired well with a bottle of Woodchuck Summer Time hard cider, a crisp apple cider topped with a tart touch of blueberry juice.

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