Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/04/15: Angela Remembers, The Deke's in Nyack, More Carpet Cleaning

1.  I've lived in Greenbelt for nearly a year and much of that time has been defined by coming and going. I've spent four of the months since I moved here in Kellogg. On about three occasions, the Deke and I have driven up to Nyack to see Adrienne and we've spent time at Sally and Ted's in Matuchen, New Jersey. At the beginning of the summer, we drove to Indiana and Michigan to see family.  It's all been good.  A result of this travel to see family -- and of family coming to see us, I should add -- is that, after nearly a year, I don't know anyone in Greenbelt.

Because I'm on the kidney transplant list, I have to have a vial of blood drawn every thirty days. I go to a place about five minutes away, LabCorp. Today, I went in, but I forgot my wallet.  The staffer at the front desk asked me for my identification, I told her I didn't have it.

My favorite phlebotomist, Angela, was at the desk and said, "Isn't that Mr. Woodlum (I get used to people getting my name wrong)? I know him.  He's fine."

Angela and I aren't friends or anything, but, I have to admit, I liked being remembered in this D.C. suburb, where, almost all of the time, I am a stranger.

2. The Deke gathered her things and Adrienne arrived outside our apartment building and they drove off to Nyack so they can have several days together. I was happy when the Deke texted me several hours later to let me know they had arrived at Adrienne's.

3. I continued the project I started yesterday:vacuuming and shampooing the carpet of our apartment home. Now, not only is our dining area fresher, but so is the living room and the short hall outside the bedrooms. Next up will be the bedrooms, but the water in our apartment complex will she shut off on Wednesday, August, 5th, so I'll probably delay the end of this project until Thursday.

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