Friday, August 14, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/13/15: Maggie on the Mend, Corgi Godzilla Fantasies, Maggie's Kidneys Are Healthy

1. The medicine and prescription dog food are helping Maggie get better. Everything about her today was pretty much back to Maggie being herself.  I do hope she doesn't fall into a habit of wanting to be up at 4:15 every morning. I indulged her this morning, but as her condition improves, I want those two hours of sleep back in the morning.

2. Because I decided to stay home with Maggie all day, aside from a trip to the store, I cleaned carpets. The corgis regard the vacuum cleaner and the rug shampooer as villains in a fourth-rate Godzilla movie in their little corgi heads, so doing this cleaning meant keeping the corgis from full on attacking the machines by containing them behind closed doors in the bedroom and the bathroom. You'd think the corgis would just go into panic attack mode when the machines are turned on, but, no, just the sight of me moving one of the machines from one place to another, sends Maggie and Charly into a shrieking fit of scream barking.

3. I talked to the vet this afternoon. Good news. Although the sample of Maggie's pee I captured was small, it was sufficient. Yes, the analysis showed a UTI. The Deke and I had been concerned that Maggie might be suffering loss of renal function. But, no, Maggie's kidney numbers were good. This is a great relief.

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