Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/29/15: Delighting Angela, Racking Up Steps at the Mall, Meeting Hiram's Parents

1. I don't remember the last time I spent the whole day doing stuff with the Deke. We began our day down at the Hair Cuttery, both getting freshened up so we'll look presentable at the big wedding this coming Saturday in Chicago. When Angela, while cutting my hair, asked me if I'd had a vacation this summer, I told her that I traveled out west and on the plane trip out the flight attendants alerted me that they had decided I had the best hair on the plane.  This happened just after Angela cut my hair the last time and my story delighted her and made her laugh.

2. After some time at home, the Deke and I piled back into the Subaru and headed west to Bethesda and the Montgomery Mall. We rarely shop, let alone shop at a mall, but the Deke needed to buy something to wear to the wedding and I thought about buying a new white shirt. The Deke's trip was a success and I got a lot of steps racked up on my pedometer.

3. After the mall, we stopped in at the Quench Tap Room near the intersection of New Hampshire and E. Randolph and enjoyed some beer together before driving a short distance to Molly and Hiram's house where Hiram's mom and dad, Bertha and Tino were visiting.  I had never met them and it was a lot of fun to get acquainted and to learn more about Hiram's family, especially about how Tino came to the USA from Cuba over fifty years ago.

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