Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/19/15: Tedious and Rewarding. North Idaho Pictures, Stop Deleting

1. I have been working since the fall of 2012 to recover pictures from memory cards and organize them after the external hard drive I had recently purchased crashed. I am storing all my pictures, good ones and lousy ones, at flickr, and today I worked on continuing to update my flickr account. It's a tedious project and, at times, rewarding.

2. I found a memory card with pictures I hadn't stored or uploaded to flickr.  I'd missed these pictures from the summer of 2011 -- Martin Creek, North Fork of the CdA River, Cataldo, Mom's yard and garden -- and I've hoped they weren't lost.  For me, this was a great discovery.  Here's a picture from Mom's yard that I'm glad I kept, but that I wan't that crazy about back in 2011:

3.  It's not that all the pictures are that great.  I know they aren't. I've had times when I brutally deleted pictures and I won't do that again.  I will always do my best to keep some record of all the pictures I take.  Today I discovered that I was more pleased with some pictures I took four years ago than I was at the time I took them. As time goes by, I think I'm less harsh in my assessment of my pictures and I have to accommodate my changing moods and perspectives as the pictures, and I, grow older.

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