Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/17/15: Back to School, Back to Food Prep, Back to Idaho

1. Summer break is over for the Deke and so we got back into our morning routine today.  As I dropped the Deke off at school, she told me she was looking forward to seeing her fellow teachers and to getting underway with the work of preparing her mind and her classroom for the arrival of students next week.

2. We haven't quite returned to our routine of one night's dinner being the next day's lunch just yet, so I took time this morning to make a very tasty tabbouleh-style rice salad, subbing basil for parsley and going a little crazy with the lemon and garlic. Both the Deke and I were very happy with how sweet and flavorful the tomatoes we bought Sunday at Costco were.

3. I got an email from Alaska Air advertising excellent plane ticket prices. Since I plan to visit Mom and my sisters in November and come back to Maryland after Thanksgiving, I decided to see what it would cost if I bought a ticket out and back now. I liked the prices, so I bought my tickets and will arrive in Spokane on Nov. 4 and come back to Maryland on Dec. 5th.

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