Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 08/03/15: Apartment Home Cleaning, Tex-Mex Dinner, Lego Time

1. Having dogs and having carpet means every once in a while it's necessary to get out the big old carpet cleaning machine and go at it. It'll be a two (maybe three) day job here in our apartment home and I got off to a fine start today and, already, it's fresher in our little place.

2. Molly and Hiram's longtime friend, Lauren, fixed our family a straight up terrific Tex-Mex casserole and, once again, with Adrienne and Jack in town, we had another family dinner and all marveled at Ana as she slept through one moment of tension after another as Jack and Olivia resisted the idea that Tex-Mex food was worthy of their consumption. The adults prevailed and soon all was forgotten as David, Olivia, and Jack tore into cupcakes, a dessert in celebration of Molly and Hiram's sixth wedding anniversary.

3. Earlier in the day, the Deke had been to Target and bought each of our grandchildren a Lego kit -- Batman, Spiderman, Friends -- and she sat with them and the instruction manuals at the dining table and helped them get well into the building of new toys. It's a calming activity with immediate and tangible rewards.

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