Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/01/15: Decorating the Tree, Breakfast for Dinner, Terps and Tar Heels

1. Mom's Task List Update!  After I scrubbed the floor, wiped the ash out of the oven, and put Mom's kitchen back together again, I turned my attention to Christmas decorations. Without incurring a concussion or a torn ACL, I got the decorations out of the storage closet and brought each tub into the living room for Mom's inspection and returned the stuff Mom wasn't ready for yet back to the upstairs. I put the gold garlands around the tree and put up ornaments.  Christy came over and put her favorite ornament on the tree.  (When were were little, did we used to fight over who got to put this on the tree?  Were there tears?  If that how it used to be, today proved we've outgrown that drama!) Here's Christy's photograph of this revered ornament:

2.  Mom and I joined forces to make a breakfast dinner tonight.  I cooked the sausage patties and the eggs and she made the waffles.  Originally, we thought we'd get burgers from the Humdinger, but this worked out a lot better and was fun to make.

3. Byrdman had alerted me earlier in the day that the Maryland Terps and the North Carolina Tar Heels were playing each other on ESPN in basketball.  I hadn't seen the team representing my new home state play this season and so, after I got the kitchen cleaned up after dinner, I headed into the basement and enjoyed the game.  I could see why hopes are high in Maryland that the Terps will have a great season, but on this night the Terps hurt themselves with a lot of turnovers and got zapped by the return, from a broken wrist, of Marcus Paige to the Tar Heels, and went down in defeat, 89-81. I enjoyed the game a lot and look forward to following the Terps throughout the season -- and, who knows? Maybe I'll get over to College Park and see a game this winter -- I see they have a home game on my birthday!

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