Monday, December 14, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/13/15: National Cathedral Worship, Afternoon Nap, Eggrolls with Tino

1. It's remarkable. Just by driving west on the Beltline for about twelve miles, dropping south on Connecticut Avenue, and making a few turns here and there in Washington, D. C., the Deke and I can be at the Washington National Cathedral.  And, so, today, we wound our way down to this mammoth structure and worshiped in this spacious church.  It's been nearly three years since I worshiped in a cathedral and I'd forgotten how overwhelming the sheer amount of physical space feels, how tiny we humans are in that space, and, still, how mighty the sound of humans singing sounds and how powerfully the rhythms of the liturgy resonate in such a huge space.

2. Maybe it was from feeling overwhelmed by the physical grandeur of the cathedral; maybe it was the mental fatigue resulting from negotiating unfamiliar streets as I drove us to and back from the cathdedral.  I don't know what made me so tired, but when we returned home, I fell into a long coma nap this afternoon and devoured sleep while it devoured me.

3. Hiram's father, Tino, is in the D. C. area on a business trip and the Deke and I flew in the Sube over to the Diaz house to visit with him and enjoy a fun spread of take out Chinese food. Tino was in great spirits, happy to see how his new granddaughter, Ana, is such a contented baby, and happy to see now beautifully Hiram and Molly are building their family's life.

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Anonymous said...

The Cathedral is lovely. The Evening Song is a great way to attend worship in a lighter-than-full-Eucharist way, and to get that amazing music.

Then Glover Park is a short walk away- and I do think a Mad Fox taproom has opened! Also nearby is Cleveland Park, and walking distance from the Cathedral are some great little places. Cactus Cantina is good mexican, there's a nice French place, Raku is my favorite new sushi place, I haven't yet been to Barcelona, and for can't-miss pizza, hit 2 Amys.