Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/28/15: Quiet, Ahhhh! Pho, Mom Would Love *Brooklyn*

1.  The dogs got to extend their sleepover at Molly and Hiram's another night, so today I enjoyed the quiet of not having the Corgis bark their brains out because someone unlocked a mailbox two levels up or because a resident walked his or her dog out back or because someone in the building knocked on a door or because the wind kicked up a bit and moved a blade grass.

2. I braved the bewildering traffic patterns of Colesville Road without getting rammed into or run off the road, and made my way to downtown Silver Spring's Pho Tan Vinh and enjoyed an autumn roll appetizer and then dove into a huge, steaming bowl of medium rare beef tenderloin pho. Thin slices of beef topped the meaty broth and generous rice noodles. I was very happy with the small hill of fresh basil, bean sprouts, and green hot pepper served on the side and enjoyed adding even more flavor and some heat to this glorious bowl of soup.  I could have swum in this meal forever.

3. Back on December 28, 2013, Mom, Christy, Carol, and I went to Coeur d'Alene and watched the movie Saving Mr. Banks.  It was the perfect movie to all see together. It was a tender story that made my mom feel like she was seeing the kind of movie she loved when she was growing up. We all loved it. Tonight, as the movie Brooklyn was reaching its conclusion, I suddenly realized that it's too bad Mom, Christy, Carol, and I aren't all in the same place where this movie is playing because it would be another perfect movie to all see together. It's set in the past, about sixty years or so ago, and examines the inner conflicts of a young Irish woman who moves to Brooklyn, but returns to Ireland for a short time to be with her mother in a time of need. It's a tender, emotional movie and I think Mom would once again feel like she was watching the kind of movie she loved when she was growing up. I can hear her say, "I liked that movie. It made me feel good."   Me too, Mom.

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