Friday, December 18, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/17/15: Lazy, Sluggish, Mom's Outings Went Well

1.  The Deke, Maggie, Charly, and I all accidentally slept in. For me, it set the tone for the laziest day I've had in a long, long time. If there is beauty in doing nothing, I had a beautiful day. Mostly, though, I was a slug.

2. Both the Deke and I were sluggish, as it turns out, and so we stayed home after school rather than go over to Molly and Hiram's. We had plenty of leftovers in the icebox, so the fact that I didn't do any cooking today was not a problem -- and the leftover curry and rice worked splendidly.

3. I got an email from Christy. She told me about taking Mom to Coeur d'Alene and going on a shopping spree to Ace Hardware, Yoke's, and Stein's. This was all good news to me because when I see pictures of snow blanketing Kellogg and North Idaho, the first thing I think about is Mom being housebound, or, if she does venture out with someone, how dangerous it can be. I wish it would snow like mad in Idaho's higher elevations to help with water and that the snow would just leave Kellogg alone.

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