Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/14/15: Vet Visit, Player Grand Piano, Wine Therapy

1.  As she ages, Maggie, our older Corgi, more problems. This morning the Deke and I left her at the vet and went back late in the afternoon to have her mouth checked out. We left with a treatment plan and I felt some relief just having had her checked out and knowing what to do next.

2.  While I was doing a little shopping at Costco today, I wondered if Costco will sell very many player grand pianos. One was on display, churning out Christmas song after Christmas song.  A Yamaha representative stood by. If I remember correctly, the player grand piano cost in the neighborhood of 26,000 dollars. Hmmm, I thought, I could buy a car with an automatic transmission for that. Ha!  Well, the music was pleasing and it was fun watching the keys magically depress with no hands to push them down. The Yamaha rep looked lonely.

3. It's stressful when our day includes a visit to the vet.  The Deke was out of sorts when I dropped her off at school after we dropped off Maggie, and I concluded that she was feeling the kind of anxiety that is often best treated with a box of wine.  So, before I picked her up at school, I stopped at the Co-op and bought a box of red wine and the Deke's mood was immediately lightened when she piled into the Subaru and saw the box of wine in the car. It helped relax her once we got home, too.  It turns out, the wine also served my culinary purposes for making dinner -- the black beans and rice I prepared benefit tastily from having a quarter cup or so of red wine dumped in them.

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