Saturday, December 12, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/11/15: Freshening Up, Bistro Snack, Eggplant Sandwiches and Rum

1.  I continued my efforts to freshen up our apartment home: vacuum, change the shower curtain liner, launder towels and the dog crate blankets, open the sliding door to let air in, but, I haven't unpacked my suitcase yet from my trip to Kellogg and Oregon.  I have no words.

2. In a moment of spontaneity, the Deke and I decided to go up to the Old Line Bistro for a beer each and a snack.  The joint was packed, but we were seated at a booth and I loved my pint of Duckpin Double IPA and loved having just a sip of my favorite of all porters, DC Brau's Penn Quarter. We split an order of truffle fries, I picked up a bottle of brandy and one of rum to add to our stash of warming libations for the winter, and we went home for dinner.

3. The Deke had requested eggplant sandwiches for tonight and so I fried up olive oiled and salted patties of eggplant, alongside sauteed red pepper and onion, toasted the halves of two ciabatta rolls, and sliced up a chunk of feta cheese.  I then assembled the sandwiches.  When I went to the store earlier, I forgot to buy fresh basil leaves.  Dang it. It was a key ingredient missing from these otherwise most tasty sandwiches.  While making dinner, I warmed myself with black rum, cinnamon, honey, boiling water, and butter mixed together in a small coffee cup.  I love warming drinks in the winter. (Reminder to self:  pick up some cloves at the store. I'd like to add cloves to my winter warming smashes.)

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