Thursday, December 24, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/23/15: Splashing Through the 'Burbs, Warm Rain, Rum and Egg Nog

1. The Deke and I splashed our way in the Sube over to the Diazes and sat down in the Situation Room to plan out food and drink for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I immediately volunteered to go out into the wind and warm and the rain -- the temperatures are hovering around 70 here in the D C Metro Area -- and go to a couple of stores and go spend time with the Corgis.

2.  Yeah, my sweatshirt weighed about 70 pounds and my glasses were fogged over and my hair was sopped and curly, but it was fun in a surreal way to get caught in a subtropical warm torrent of dark rain as I carted my goods out of the Co-op back to the Sube and returned my shopping cart to the store.  I guess the same kind of downpour is happening in Kellogg -- only it's a torrent of snow, not rain.

3. I bought egg nog at the store and after a smashing plate of spaghetti that Molly prepared, I enjoyed a dessert of egg nog and Gosling's Black Seal Rum. Divine.

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