Friday, December 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/10/15: Sibling Assignment, Shakespeare Uncovered, Poker Players Uncovered

1.  I spent much of the morning writing a piece for my blog about the parallels between my enjoyment of different kinds of turkey dressing and my enjoyment of living in Greenbelt and my enjoyment watching the movie Creed.  It's a sibling assignment and you can read it if you click here.

2. My mind was reeling with ideas and I returned to feeling emotions that have lived in me for decades as I watched the Shakespeare Uncovered episode examining King Lear.  As I listened to Christopher Plummer, Ian McKellen, Stephen Greenblatt, and others talk about the play and the character of King Lear, I honestly wondered how, for all those years, I presumed to know enough, to have enough insight, to call myself an instructor of Shakespeare.  All these years later, with my years of teaching Shakespeare falling further and further into the past, I no longer want to talk about the plays.  I want to stay quiet and listen to others. I enjoyed doing so tonight, immensely.

3.  With this episode of Shakespeare Uncovered fresh on my mind, I went to YouTube and watched segments of televised poker matches from a variety of channels and shows and on several occasions, as different players went heads up with each other, I observed how their decisions and their responses to the outcomes of their wagers made me think poker telecasts could be retitled, "Helmuth Uncovered" or "Esfandiari Uncovered" or "[insert the name of any poker player] Uncovered".  Key moments, especially when a pot or a tournament is at stake, can create drama as compelling and reveal character as clearly as happens in a brilliant play or movie.

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