Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/02/15: Lunch at Mikey's, Dinner at Paradise Creek, Real Men of Genius @ Beasley Coliseum

1. Christy and I piled into her shiny Jeep Cherokee and braved the feathery snowfall and bare, wet roads, making our way to Moscow, ID where we picked up our niece Cosette and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Mikey's Greek Gyros in downtown Moscow.

2. Christy parked the Cherokee at St. James Episcopal Church where Kenton Bird picked us up to take us downtown to Paradise Creek for dinner with Bev and John Wolff. John is a home beer brewer and his J-Dub's Northwest Pale Ale was on tap at Paradise Creek and it was a most pleasing beer -- and I enjoyed the macaroni and cheese I ordered, made with the famous locally made Cougar Gold cheese.  It was especially fun talking with Kenton about D. C., where he lived for ten months nearly thirty years ago. We compared notes about where each of us has visited and what things were like then and what they are like now.

3. After dinner, Christy and I sashayed into Beasley Coliseum on the campus of Washington State University to watch the Bulldogs of Gonzaga take on the hometown lads, the WSU Cougars.  The Zags sprinted to a double digit lead early on, powered by the hot shooting of Kyle Wiltjer -- he scored twenty points in the skirmish's first ten minutes.  The Cougs pestered the Zags all night long with steals, blocked shots, and scoring runs, but never could grab the lead. The Zags triumphed, 69-60.

Christy and I enjoyed our seats and got a kick out of the Bud Light Real Men of Genius.  First, there was Mr. One Man Rooting Section Guy who hoarsely and loudly exclaimed multiple times his coaching principles, especially his conviction that the Cougs needed to "D up".  In the second half, he was joined in his exhortations by a middle aged Bud Light Real Man of Genius, Mr. Get the Crowd Fired Up Guy who yelled at the "pansy" Coug fans to "get off their asses" and then went the extra mile by descending and ascending the stairs bordering section 22, yelling encouragement to fans to "Get up! Come on! Get up!". He was, by every person whom he yelled at, totally ignored.

So, today, we salute you Mr. One Man Rooting Section Guy. Crack open an ice cold Bud Light. Some one has to coach the Cougars from over twenty-five rows above Friel Court and embarrass his girlfriend with every command that the Cougs "Come o-o-o-o-o-n! Play smart!"

And, today, we salute you, Mr. Get the Crowd Fired up Guy. Crack open an ice cold Bud Light. Some one has to squawk in the faces of seventy-five year old lifetime Washington State fans wearing crimson and grey Cougar sweatshirts, khaki Dockers, and white New Balance shoes to get them off their pansy asses and scream support for the Cougs.


This Bud's for you.

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